The classic Queenslander

Hi y’all. This blog is for those interested in house renovations, Queenslander homes in particular. Last year my husband and I bought our first house together, a somewhat fraught but ultimately rewarding experience. The house is a classic 1920s Queenslander home on a large block, and nothing much had been done to it over the years. It was in almost original condition. There had been some additions to the house – an extra gable here or there, but essentially the house is the same as it was in the 1950s, louvre windows and all! No bessa-block built in under the house – nothing, really. Its bones are good, the timber mostly solid, and even the flaking paint job isn’t completely horrid.

This blog will document our journey from house inspection to its current shape. There will be plenty of photos and a description of some of our more amusing stuff ups. I’ve kept extensive photo records of the old dear – Harry’s place, we call it. It’s after the old fella who lived here for more than 50 years. We’re probably the 3rd owners.

Enjoy our tales of Harry’s Money Pit – brought to you by Bunnings and Ikea.