You know you’re living in an old unrenovated Queenslander when…

1/ It’s the Queensland equivalent of winter and it’s colder inside the house than out.

2/ All the windows are closed and there is still an arctic blast coming from all the gaps in the floorboards and window frames.

3/ In winter you can dry your clothes and they still get mildewy from the cold humidity.

4/ There is no ceiling, wall or floor insulation. This is supposed to be a GOOD thing?

5/ At least the water coming out of the cold water tap is cold in winter, not warm.

6/ The lawn doesn’t need mowing because winter equals no rain.

7/ The old louvre windows rattle in the wind.

8/ You don’t own a heater and you forget the air-conditioner also has a heating element.

9/ The warmest room in the house in winter is also the hottest room in summer.

10/ Your DH (who grew up in QLD) mutters something like “I didn’t sign up for this” while he’s dressing in an unusual 3 layers of clothing.


It’s been a while since my last blog post because nothing has been happening here in Harry’s place/renovation land. The architect has finished all his plans, I’ve signed off on them, as has the engineer, the compliance guy and the soil guy. Essentially we’ve paid $15,000 just to get the finished plans into Brisbane council. And we still haven’t got costings on the renovation yet. But I spoke to my builder and he’ll have some in by the end of next week. I’m assuming the total cost of the first set of renovations to be about $90,000. At least, that’s what I’m thinking by the time we replace doors and windows in the main house and add the extra room. I’m not quite sure where this money will come from given we have just finished a massively expensive trip to Europe and the next set of hideous bills have just come pouring in, including school fees. Gah.