I'm no superwoman.

Now, this COULD mean my butt, which is proving very expensive to shift, but actually for this post it’s my house. We spent the weekend working on the house and garden! Huzzah! As I may have mentioned a few posts ago, we’re replacing the fences, which is a VERY expensive proposition (all for one wretched dog) and in the meantime we have to remove several pest trees in our garden, including several Chinese Elms, and lots of old stumps. So we’ve been in the garden preparing for this week long fest of nature’s destruction.

We cut the monstera leaves off the plant which seems to be overtaking our back fence line, which should hopefully kill the sucker – it would be good to keep but it’s a really annoying plant to contain. Underneath we found a fair bit of building detritus from someone else’s build ON OUR PROPERTY. Don’t you…

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  1. Hi Jess just saw a post you put up on Old pearly Jenkins blog re tiles and cost… We have a blog called happy little queenslander and I have been studying interior technology and building design plus renovated a few houses… To answer your qsts re waterproofing etc in all new builds it is a requirement under the BCA for waterproof membrane to be laid, adequate ventilation, floor drainage and if replacing plaster board it should be 13mm for wet areas… In saying that it is the tilers job to do this prep work … It is simple and easy for waterproofing and shouldn’t add to much to the cost… And also depends on size of your bathroom… Shouldn’t cost 15k for the bathroom unless you are using super high spec materials… I would always advise anyone having structural changes done to go the little extra and pay for waterproofing, because if you get a leak it can do a lot more damage the the cost of having it completed… Also you can buy new “seconds” from builders warehouse sales (a good one on the gold coast) whereby the product such as a bath or basin might have a small mark and so it’s rejected and sold for nics… Always ways to find quality for bargain prices… Please feel free to flick me any qsts 🙂 hope this helps !!!


    1. Hi Lena, thanks for the reply – sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you – I haven’t blogged on this site for several months because I am trying and failing to complete my PhD and it’s punishment for me not to do something fun like blog about my house renovations. Anyhoo, I’ve been pricing the “new bathroom” and I’ve seen good quality spec bath and shower but it’s the stuff like waterproofing that will get me because we’re not clever enough to do it ourselves. I think the total build could be closer to $7000 if I include labour and materials, but we want a specific look for our vanity unit and I’ve not seen it anywhere in Brisbane. Think leggy sideboard with a Hamptons zhush. Plus, I’ve discovered we need to replace ALL our electricals. Damn it.

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