Bought new art. Whoops.

Now that I’ve been introduced to Charleston’s Art Auctions I’ve realised this is a very dangerous game. Need to stop going to art auctions now. So on Sunday we went in with a strict budget and I’m happy to say didn’t go over the budget. I’m not sure we needed even more art when we have a fridge on its last legs and and a cooktop that is not only tilted but 2 of the 4 heating elements don’t work. And a bathroom that is so diabolical that even the professional cleaner couldn’t get rid of the black mold in the shower recess. (We’ve retired the cleaner and the grocery deliveries because I don’t have an income for 4 months. Therefore, I have lots of time for cleaning and grocery shopping. Apparently.)

So here are our lovely new paintings. Not expensive, but I rather like the cheerful red and orange one called My Country by Nellie Marks Nakamarra. Every time I go into the kitchen there it is, all bright and present. It’s delicious and a great blast of cheer in that rather dark room. I’m not sure about the Patricia Kamara Bush Medicine blue one. We’ve bought it for DH’s office but I’m not sure it will work there, and it’s quite strong in our blue-themed bedroom. Nevertheless, it will look great over the bed if it doesn’t suit the office. The great thing about buying art is that if you don’t like it or it doesn’t suit purpose you can sell it again. Huzzah!


Buying at auction is great because there is no gallery fee, which is normally 100% mark up or more. These works are each valued at triple their auction price. Auctions don’t really reflect the value of these types of pieces, even at resale. Nevertheless they’re beautiful and dynamic and add colour and vibrancy to our home. There were some truly beautiful large-scale works  by prize-winning artists, that went for a steal, which we sadly cannot afford and also can’t hang due to lack of wall. There were a couple of really gorgeous works I particularly coveted but hey. There’ll be other opportunities in future.

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