And we’re off!

Yes, you heard it here – the building has commenced! Well, not quite the building part exactly, more the cheap and cheerful renovation part. Dylan from McPherson Constructions is here ready to go with his worker John, the bin guy arrived at 6.30am waking me in fright, and we have cleared the West wing in preparation for the big rip-out.

There are photos of the preamble. It looks neat, tidy, and lovely. SO NICE FOR IT TO BE CLEAN AND WITHOUT FURNITURE. I say this in capital letters because I’m such a collector of things that we easily become overwhelmed with stuff. Stuff, it must be said, that is needed. This is what living without storage solutions does to one. Collections of stand-alone furniture that really just add visual clutter. Note to self: do I really need ALL the books?

Very soon this serene space will look ugly, dusty and overwhelming. And the beautiful polished hardwood floors will be hidden forever under cement sheeting and tiles. Very sad. But awesome!

(On a side note, my builder sings. Not that well, but cheerfully. And he whistles. This is a GOOD DAY.)


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