Monday and VJs are going up

These guys are SO quick, I swear. Today the wall between the WIR and the other bathroom was put up. I reminded the builders to put up cement sheeting on the outer wall because of the other bathroom renovations down the track (maybe a year away, maybe longer). On the inside wall there’s now insulation and Vjs, which I get to paint prior to the WIR shells going in. The paint will be white. So that we can see things.

But in our new ensuite all the VJs are going up (it’s sheeting, not individual wooden slats!), and the room will have its waterproof coat on Wednesday. Then tiles, then fitout. At some point the new louvre windows and picture window will be put in too. I’ll be painting this room too. Including the sad old windows which frankly need some tlc before the topcoat. That’s my November taken care of!

Today too it looks like the wall and French doors between the verandah and our bedroom will be removed and replaced. Huzzah!

I will be repainting our bedroom too. At the moment it’s a not unattractive pale sandy faun with beige paint on the woodwork and a white ceiling. We’re thinking of going all white. Depends how our wooden furniture will look with white painted walls. White can be pretty stark with 19th century style furniture but the room will need repainting anyway so it’s a good chance to see if it will work.

Photos later, people.

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