In which I finally got up and did stuff

Yep. Did that. So I’m up to the final topcoat in the ensuite and a quick topcoat touch up in the WIR for those pesky beadings (I chose not to cut in first and that was just wrong, but I was concerned about time constraints) and then I’m good to go with oil topcoat on the woodwork after a quick sand.  

When I saw my bodgy gap filling in the WIR my heart sank because it was so amateur and messy. I decided then and there to use low sheen paint as the dags and messes would have shown up too much otherwise. Glad I chose to do this room first. The other 2 rooms look amazing though. Luckily I got much, much better at gap filling.

So tomorrow is the topcoat in the ensuite and perhaps a glance sideways at the oil painting. I really should do the window paint stripping now, not later, but I don’t wanna!!

What I’m slightly terrified about is when the lads finally remove the temporary wall to put in the louvres and in the cold bright harsh light of day I’ll see all the drips and horrors of my first room “learnings” (not mistakes, they’re learning processes, y’all). Gah. 

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