That Tiny Home Thing.

Free-to-air TV programs on the lifestyle channel have been extolling the benefits of going tiny. In all honesty it seems like many of the clients are those down on their luck, who are downsizing because of money woes.

That being said. I kinda have a desire to get me an old bus, (all those windows, all that light!) and create my own travelling wagon. One that I could plonk on my own bit of dirt, and survey my kingdom. And the views. Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to leave civilisation behind and take up off-grid living. I would just like to live in a wee little home on weekends, preferably near the water, with my hubby and the dog. It’s a getaway thing.

Given that my home is rather visually colourful, my ideal tiny home would be Scandi-minimal. Besides, I really like clean design when it’s well-thought out. There’s an Australian company that creates tiny homes called The Tiny House Company (no surprises there!) and while their houses aren’t cheap, they are very beautiful. I want one:


This is an awesome tiny home, with tons of storage and very light-filled. It comes with a deck, too.

It’s like a weekend writing and reading nook with a bed, kitchen and bathroom attached! Want want want.


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