OMG. The bank just gave us some renovation money.

After 6 years, a mini renovation and more trips to Bunnings than I can count, it is done. We have been lent the funds to renovate our house.

Aaaaahhhh$#(%*&)@(#%&9ut18u6[0iqkmv0986i5$$$$#@&%$#$#*%# !

(That, if you will, is an image of me running about the house with my shirt over my head)

We have yet to determine how much, and Mr Bank Man is working out the details, but he has offered us enough money for us to definitely add the new kitchen, living and deck extension. With a squeeze we might be able to manage the garage and a poured concrete slab behind the garage for an extra room, laundry and half-bath downstairs. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Of course, it also all depends on whether Mr Bank Man thinks we can pay off the loan, too. Not a problem. We got this.

Ooh, I can’t hardly wait!


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