So I did a thing: new address!

Hiya. Because I’ve not already spent enough this year, I thought I’d add to my spendy dramas with a personal plan and domain name. I’m all paid up and my new address is now . How ’bout that! Cool! WordPress webpages are basically free: $60 per year + $25 for domain name, and much easier to use than formerly, thank you WordPress for your upgraded and much easier to use interface…

This image I took about a month ago and in the meantime the plants have gone wild! I’ll give them a water today but really the litmus test I use is: if I see the Peace Lily wilting I know it’s time for to water the plants. I’m so happy with the new things we added this week: the new espresso machine, the new solar (hello air-conditioning going on at 10am because it’s worth it), the new gorgeous stained glass windows.

What do you think of this colourway below? I’m thinking I love the crisp white and navy but I think it needs a contrast colour in grey. The window rose is a good spot to add some light grey for a contrast, and we’ll be repainting the window hoods because they ugly, but where else?

Decisions, decisions. The battens under the house will be extended to ground level – we’re building a storage area under there that we’ve already prepped with lights and electrical points. So the downstairs battens, and banister palings, rails and posts will all be white. The trim of most of the house will be navy, as will the decking. The siding will be white. I prefer white window and door trim but I dunno. Do we go with a navy window hood, or grey? (Not white, as the roof is already steel coloured corrugated metal). And do we go with white concrete pillars or navy? Navy hides grot, but white is crisp. Perhaps that’s where we go grey? So many ideas! I can sort of imagine our house with basically this scheme but in white and navy, but I have yet to sort out the grey tone.

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